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学术报告(三场):Deep Learning Systems: Design and Implementation(一)(二)(三)

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报告题目:Deep Learning Systems: Design and Implementation(一)(二)(三)









报告人简介:杨东林,美国英伟达公司高级工程师,主要研究深度学习框架、深度学习编译器相关的课题。于2022年在美国University of North Carolina at Charlotte 获得博士学位。博士期间研究方向主要包括大规模分布式机器学习,深度学习资源调度等课题。在博士期间曾在HPDC, Middleware等国际会议发表论文。

报告摘要Deep learning methods have revolutionized a number of fields in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in recent years. The widespread adoption of deep learning methods have in no small part been driven by the widespread availability of easy-to-use deep learning systems, such as PyTorch and TensorFlow. The goal of this talk is to understand the working of DL framework under the hood. This talk provides an understanding and overview of the full stackof deep learning systems, ranging from the high-level modeling design of modern deep learning systems, to the basic implementation of automatic differentiation tools, to the distributed implementation of efficient algorithms, to the compilation of deep learning models into deployable modules.